IMAGELINK LC Direct Duplicating Microfilm is a slow-speed film with low contrast and very high resolution for excellent reproduction of original films with varying contrast and background density. It is specifically intended for use where an intermediate print master is needed to make multiple release prints for distribution.

IMAGELINK LC Direct Duplicating Microfilm enables direct image duplicating, which produces images with the same polarity as the master silver film. This microfilm is produced on a clear PET base with a permanent environmentally friendly anti-static back layer. It remains very stable even during changing processing conditions. With correct exposure, the film has an extremely low minimum density. Spectral Sensitivity IMAGELINK LC Direct Duplicating Microfilm features an orthochromatic emulsion.

Processing Film can be processed with conventional chemicals in all tabletop, medium-tank, and deep-tank processors.

Film Handling

The unprotected film may be opened only in a darkroom. If preferred, a red safelight may be used (filter R3 or Wratten 1A).

Life expectancy (LE) 500

Processed film can be stored indefinitely provided it is processed and stored in accordance with relevant ISO and ANSI standards. This film meets all criteria for the capture of vital records and information intended for permanent records according to ISO 18901:2002

Imaging materials

Processed silver-gelatin type black-and-white films — Specifications for stability and stored according to ISO 18911:2010

Processed safety photographic films — Storage practices. Storing unexposed film Unexposed film can be kept for the length of time indicated on the packaging, provided that the film is stored under normal conditions (below 22°C [72°F], relative humidity of 40–60%).

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