IMAGELINK HS Microfilm offers high sensitivity and very fine grain. It is ideal for filming in rotary cameras, and its sharpness makes it a great choice for 16 mm applications as well.


IMAGELINK HS Microfilm is suitable for high-speed processing at high temperatures in “deep tank” microfilm processors and tabletop processors such as the IMAGELINK Archive Processor.

Spectral Sensitivity

IMAGELINK HS Microfilm features a panchromatic emulsion. The absolute spectral sensitivity is equal to 1/H, with H representing the radiation energy per wavelength in MJ/m2 necessary to obtain a density of D 1.10 above the fog.

Average Sensitivity Index

320 ASA (26 DIN)* After measuring the incident light using an exposure meter, which is set to the given ASA/DIN value, you can adjust exposure in relation to the time/diaphragm setting of the camera. The values given are only an indication and are not related to the sensitivity index in pictorial photography.

Unexposed film storage

The unexposed film can be kept for the length of time indicated on the packaging, provided the film is stored under normal conditions: below 22°C (72°F) with a relative humidity of 40-60%.

Cassette and camera loading

Handle unprotected film only in complete darkness. Film on camera reels can be loaded in subdued light.