Panasonic Document Scanners
Manage Your Documents Electronically!

Panasonic-Document-Scanners-2Endicott Microfilm carries a wide variety of Panasonic Document Scanners and Panasonic Supplies.
Are you looking to eliminate increasing costs and lost time associated with locating and storing paper files? Unlock the true potential of your business information by digitizing every document, record and piece of information. After all, document imaging is one of the most advanced and powerful methods out there to manage, store and retrieve paper records at your fingertips.

At Endicott Microfilm, we offer document-scanning services to convert your paper files into digital format, allowing you to access them within seconds.  With all of your business information organized and readily available, you can empower employees, eliminate waste, increase productivity and improve business processes.

Productivity Benefits of Panasonic Document Scanners

Reduced Costs

Costly real estate can instead be utilized for the expansion of your business, as microfilm service will free-up office space.

Easy Accessibility

With this cutting-edge technology, your business will be able to enjoy multiple and speedy simultaneous access.


Since all electronic information is encrypted, rest assured your business information will remain secure and uncompromised.


In today’s business climate, time is valuable. With Endicott Microfilm’s document imaging, capture and management, you can accurately and efficiently find the files and documents you need.
Custom Document Scanning

Our scanning service professionals have years of experience in helping business of all kinds and sizes migrate to a digital filing system or paperless office. We utilize proven methods along with the latest scanning equipment from Panasonic to help create an efficient document management system that will change the way you go about business.

With our full-service experience, be sure that we can manage your documents in a highly professional and secure manner, taking the hassle out of your document-scanning project.  We will help you through every step of the process and align you with the document scanning service that works right for your business.

From organizing your business’ document to be scanned to selecting the right document management system, let us at Endicott Microfilm help you find the right solution for your document imaging needs. We have the equipment and human resources to quickly, efficiently and securely perform your indexing, scanning as well as post-production work.


With our Panasonic document scanners, we are able to offer services to a wide variety of industries, including, but not limited to:

  • Educational Sector
  • Legal Offices, Departments & Practices
  • Financial Planners & Financial Institutions
  • Healthcare, Hospitals & Private Hospitals
  • Construction, Real Estate & Manufacturing
  • Government Departments & Agencies
  • Human Resources Offices – and more!

Endicott Microfilm is also a dealer for Kodak Document Scanners