Whether it’s a big job or small, the wide range of Kodak Document Scanners we offer to deliver real value and powerful benefits to any organizational process or business function. After all, transforming inefficient documents into secure, shareable and business ready information is a lot more affordable and simple than traditional methods!

For businesses, the need to improve operational efficiency and increase productivity has never been greater. With rising costs for office space and off-site storage driving the need for affordable and creative solutions, it’s imperative to utilize the latest technologies to effectively manage your paper documents.

Storing, securing and accessing business documents in digital formats allow you to reduce space usage, increase efficiency and improve security. At Endicott Microfilm, we have solutions to convert your paper documents to digital files for seamless storage and access, enabling you to manage your documents in a worry-free manner.

What Kodak Production Scanners Do We Offer?

For Production:

Kodak’s production scanners redefine reliability, versatility, and productivity:

  • i4850 Scanner
  • i5250V Scanner
  • i5850 Scanner
  • i5250 Scanner
  • i5650V Scanner
  • i5650 Scanner
  • i5650S Scanner
  • i4250 Scanner
  • i4650 Scanner
  • i5850S Scanner

For Network

Kodak’s network scanners allow you to scan documents directly without a PC:

  • Scan Station 730X
  • Scan Station 710

For Departmental

Kodak’s departmental scanners streamline and automate your document management processes:

  • i3500 Scanner
  • i3400 Scanner
  • i3200 Scanner
  • i3250 Scanner
  • i3450 Scanner

For Desktop

Kodak’s desktop scanners have got you covered:

  • i2820 Scanner
  • i2900 Scanner
  • i1190E Scanner
  • i1190WN Scanner
  • i1190 Scanner
  • i2420 Scanner
  • i2620 Scanner
  • SCANMATE i940 Scanner
  • SCANMATE i1150 Scanner
  • SCANMATE i1150WN Scanner

Endicott Microfilm is an authorized supplier of Kodak Document Scanners. Call us at 1.800.875.8424 for more information.

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