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Tips to Choose the Right Document Scanners for Your Business

If you are considering a paperless system for your business, what better way to do that than document scanning? However, with a variety of Kodak document scanners and Panasonic document scanners available on the market, choosing the right scanner for your needs can be a somewhat difficult task. However, the following are two important considerations you need to keep in mind during your search that will enable you to identify the ideal scanner for your business:


The speed of the scanners is measured in paper per minute (PPM). If the scanner’s speed is unsatisfactory, it will result in reduced efficiency and increased staff time. This situation, however, can be avoided by determining the volume of the paper that requires scanning and then the range of speed needed to deliver optimal throughput. Memory, CPU speed, and the type of interface are important factors that determine the speed of the document scanner.


Duty cycle is another key consideration to make when selecting a scanner as it indicates the volume of paper it is capable of scanning per day. For instance, some scanners have a duty cycle of 750 pages, while for other high-end scanners the duty cycle goes up to 4,000 plus pages per day. If the volume of paper you are seeking to scan is low, you should opt for a normal, desktop scanner.

Whether it’s a big job or small, the wide range of Kodak Document Scanners we offer deliver real value and powerful benefits to any organizational process or business function.

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