Kodak document scanners are purpose-built for high-quality scanning and performance while decreasing downtime. Kodak document scanners can deliver consistently high throughput, allowing you to scan multiple docs as quickly as possible in either color or black. The increased sheet feeder allows you to efficiently scan large batches of paper with a decreased risk of jamming.

Kodak document scanners are known for its Perfect Page technology which automatically optimizes image quality with every scan. You don’t have to spend additional time using third party software to enhance your scans. Data management is also kept simple with easy integration with TWAIN, ISIS, and Linux-based scanning applications.

Kodak document scanners feature smart touch technology that assists in streamlining repetitive tasks. Instead of you scanning directly to your PC and manually uploading the file to the server, the document can be automatically filed to the server which can simply be accessed by you remotely. An ideal scenario would be to ask someone at the office to scan a document for you to access remotely while you are out on the road.

When it comes to engineering and durability, Kodak document scanners are made to last, as well as made to withstand continuous use from office employees. There are also complex features available for those looking to get the most out of their scanner while keeping the user interface as friendly as possible.

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