Panasonic document scanners make use of onboard processors that do the heavy lifting instead of using a software interface. Most conventional scanners put all of the processing tasks onto PC-based software while Panasonic scanners built-in CPU handles image capture and processing features such as sharpening and contrast. The availability of an onboard CPU allows Panasonic document scanners to outpace even the most powerful PC-based scanners on the market.

Panasonic document scanners feature auto rescan technology which temporarily saves a hi-resolution scan’s raw image data into memory until the image or document has been converted into a file. If you wish to change the settings on a single or multiple scans, you can simply access the raw file and do so. You don’t have to rescan the doc to do so, which saves you plenty of time in trying to achieve the best scan quality possible.

Panasonic document scanners constantly monitor the output quality of all scans to pick up on any poor scans or blank pages. The scanner will notify you when it has found pages that have been poorly scanned. To take things further, Panasonic scanners have auto error detection and correction along with staple detection and mechanical de-skew. This allows you to scan large batches of paper without having to constantly monitor each to scan to determine if it was successful.

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