Intensification and Reduction

Microfilm which has been underexposed or underdeveloped can yield very poor paper prints. Endicott Microfilm can intensify (darken light images) or reduce (lighten dark images) film to arrive at a more normal density.

Microfilm Processing Services

We offer to process of both 16mm and 35mm microfilms. Endicott Microfilm operates a fully certified EPM ImageGuard processing facility. Participation in this program requires that output from our processing lab meets the exacting standards established by EPM. We monitor processing equipment for density variations, film scratches, residual thiosulfate levels, and other indications of any processing irregularities.

All EPM microfilm purchased from Endicott Microfilm and processed through our ImageGuard Processing Lab is covered under EPM’s Disaster Recovery Program. This program covers the rewashing of film damaged in fires, floods, and other disasters. More information is available through EPM at

Duplication Services

Silver Film Duplication: Silver Halide duplicating film is desirable when the film copy is intended for long-term or archival storage. It can also offer a better reproduction of poor quality film images, especially those with very high or low density. Endicott Microfilm can produce both 16mm and 35mm duplicates. Duplicates can be either negative or positive in appearance.

Diazo Duplication: Diazo duplicating film is used when copies are intended for short-term storage or as daily working copies. Duplicates are available in 16mm or 35mm format. Images can be either black or blue in appearance.

Equipment is also available to mass produce copies from individual rolls of film. Organizations requiring dozens to hundreds of duplicates from a single roll can have them produced economically on our multiple copy duplicators.

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