IMAGELINK Diazo Duplicating Microfilms are fast-speed, a non-silver print film designed for creating direct-duplication copies in fiche or roll form from silver or reprintable diazo films. These films are polyester-based and can be processed in commercially available diazo processors, using either aqueous or anhydrous ammonia vapor at various temperatures and pressures.


  • Direct duplication — positive from positive, negative from negative
  • Ultraviolet-blue sensitivity
  • Fast printing speed
  • Ultra-high resolving power
  • Clear polyester base
  • Static-resistant backing
  • Thin base product offers reduced loading frequency and reduced film storage requirements
  • Excellent image stability in readers
  • Title stripes, available in a full range of colors and widths, enable fiche identification
  • Translucent stripe allows for title reproduction on the next generation Copy

Product applications

  • These films produce negative-appearing copies (clear lines with dark background) made from negative appearing computer output microfilms. They can also be used to duplicate copies of source documents, engineering drawings, and continuous-tone negatives.
  • Diazo C film produces a blue dye when developed, providing high visual the contrast on a reader.
  • Diazo D film uses yellow and blue dyes to create a black image when developed. These dyes peak in absorption at about 470 and 580 nm, respectively. The blue dye gives visual contrast and the yellow dye controls the contrast of next-generation prints onto this product or other blue-sensitive materials.

For more information, visit, https://endicottmicrofilm.com/sales/

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