Document imaging is a critical success factor for organizations today. The innovative technology replicates paper documents 5used in a business into digital formats for easy retrieval, simplifying decision-making, expediting key processes and increasing productivity by making paper use redundant.

At Endicott Microfilm, we take pride in our imaging products that go beyond the traditional approach of document scanning to provide businesses – both big and small – with a complete solution for collecting, securing, organizing and retrieving all kinds of enterprise content, regardless of the source.

Since in all roles, departments, and industries, the complexity and amount of unstructured data continue to multiply even with technologies like ERP systems being deployed, it’s imperative for organizations to look for a better way to take control of their documents and have instant access to them.
This is exactly where Endicott Microfilm comes into play and offers document imaging products to help you get rid of various inhibitions, enabling you to operate at peak efficiency. Equipped with highly-intuitive features, our products enable users across your organization to capture, store and index all information assets through a unified platform.

Why Our Imaging Products?

Endicott Microfilm utilizes state-of-the-art innovations to offer organizations with proven, cost-effective solutions for their document management protocols. With a foundation decades deep, we deliver excellence in digital imaging products. Our experience is yours, and we offer your business a few competitive advantages with our digital microfilm scanners

At Endicott Microfilm we offer Microfilm Service and Microfilm Sales; some of our Microfilm Equipment includes Kodak Document Scanners, Panasonic Document Scanners, and Digital Archive Writers, in addition to our other Document Imaging products and services.

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